Kisumu International Airport (KIS)

Kisumu International Airport is the 4th international airport in Kenya and also the country’s third busiest airport. The airport can effectively handle up to 2 million passengers per year. The airport is situated close to Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water lake in Africa. In 2011 the Kisumu International Airport underwent structural changes to ensure that it could cater to more traffic. The runway was extended from 2km length to 3.3km length so as to cater to larger aircraft.


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A number of local low-cost airlines offer flights to and from the Kisumu International Airport. Various international carriers also cater to routes that go to Kisumu. The airport facilities include banking, cargo, shopping, restaurants and bars, courier services, duty free shopping and more.


Flights to Kisumu and the Airlines that Provide them

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Airport Accommodation

The Kisumu International Airport is situated just 10 minutes from Lake Victoria. As such, it offers exquisite views when coming in to land and it is also closely located to popular accommodation venues. Five of the closest accommodation options to the airport include Imperial Hotel Kisumu, Kiboko Bay Resort, Sovereign Hotel, Hotel Marina Kisumu and The Great Lakes Hotel.


Tourist Attractions

Kisumu is a city steeped in history and has a lot to offer inquisitive tourists. It was founded in 1901 and was formerly known as Port Florence. As the area was originally a trade port, it was named Kisumu which comes from the Luo word “sumo”,which translates to “place of barter trade”. Many find it interesting that Winston Churchill paid a visit to Kisumu in 1907.

On acquiring cheap flights to the Kisumu International Airport, the next thing to do is arrange sightseeing and activities. Kisumu offers visitors many diverse tourist attractions and places of interest to visit, and some of the top pick of those who have been to the area include the following:


Quick Facts About Eldoret

Getting cheap flights to Kisumu International Airport provides travellers with the perfect opportunity to do and see more in this warm, welcoming and cultural area. If you plan to travel to and explore Kisumu, here are few facts that will help you to better plan and enjoy the experience:


Transport To and From the Kisumu International Airport

Getting to and from the Kisumu airport is fairly easy. Shuttle services and taxis are available to transport passengers between the airport and the town centre. It is advised to book these services in advance. In most instances, the hotel can assist with such bookings. Car hire is also available from the airport and if passengers wish to take things as they come, taxis are usually available just outside the airport entrance.


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