Malindi Airport (MYD) in Kenya

The Malindi Airport is located in the Kilifi County in Kenya and is best described as a medium-sized civilian airport. It features two bitumen runways, a 100-car secure parking area, security fencing, restaurant, shops, tourist information and more. There are many plans underway for the expansion, development and modernisation of this particular airport.


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Cheap flights to Malindi (MYD) will ensure that you are in a prime position to explore and discover Malindi (which is 2.5km away), and the surrounding areas of Kenya. To the west of the airport passengers will see coconut plantations and along the Eastern boundary, two schools on the fence-line. These make for quite a contrasting view when coming in to land.


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Several low-cost carriers in Kenya offer cheap tickets to Malindi Airport and to other local airports including the Wilson Airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Mombasa Airport. These airlines include:

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Accommodation Close to Malindi Airport in Kenya

When booking cheap flights to Malindi Airport, passengers need to consider the various accommodation options nearby. There are various hotels and guest houses in close proximity to the airport including Malindi Breeze Point Hotel & Resort, Kilili Baharini Resort & Spa, African House Resort, Villa Mela Hotel and Sandies Tropical Village to name a few.

Accommodation is fairly priced in Malindi and payment is accepted by credit card, debit card, Kenyan Shillings, South African Rand and a variety of international currencies. It’s best to shop around for accommodation as facilities range from 3 star to 5 star in the same area.


Tourist Attractions in Malindi, Kenya

Travellers flying in to Kenya through Malindi airport have the opportunity to explore an area that offers a variety of tourist attractions, activities and places of interest to keep travellers of all ages interested and entertained. The scenery in Malindi is somewhat dramatic and has been the subject of many travel magazine articles and photographs. Some top attractions in the area include:


Quick Facts About Malindi

Here are a few facts to think about when planning your trip and booking your flights to Malindi:


Transport To and From Malindi Airport

Getting to and from Malindi Airport in Kenya is made easy by the area’s well integrated public transport system. Travellers can make use of taxis, coaches, buses, cabs and even airport shuttles which can be arranged personally or via the chosen accommodation establishment. Various local low-cost carriers also offer flights from nearby cities and towns.


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